April 12, 2024

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“Being a father significantly changed me” – Wizkid Reveals. »

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  • Wizkid – “Having children drastically transformed me”.


“Being a father significantly changed me” – Wizkid Reveals.

Wizkid Ayo Balogun, a well-known Grammy-winning musician, speaks candidly about how becoming a parent has improved him.

The musician recently spoke in London with Shopsydoo, a well-known UK-based podcaster of Afrobeats, on how being a parent has influenced him both personally and creatively.

Wizkid claims that having children filled his heart with an abundance of love, which acts as a driving motivation for him to continue. He emphasized that this strong affection is what gives him motivation and perseverance.

Wizkid also said that for him, music is a way of life rather than simply a job. He exclaimed with enthusiasm that it permeates every element of his life and is something he “eats,” “sleeps,” and “breathes.”

In his words, ‘’I sleep, breathe, eat, sh*t music. I’m always trying to elevate my craft from my sound, my videos, my productions, everything to a whole new level,’’ he said.

‘’It [being a father] has changed me a lot. I am grown; lots of love in my heart fuels me to keep going, that is the drive, the only drive to keep me going.

“My family, my kids, I just feel blessed to be their father, take care of them, God put me in that position, it is the biggest blessing in the world, being able to recreate”.

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