December 4, 2023

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Burna Boy Mocks Paulo Okoye’s 5 Million Naira Reward in Davido Troll Controversy »

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  • Paulo Okoye is made fun of by Burna Boy for choosing to bid N5 million on his fan. 

Burna Boy makes fun of Paulo Okoye for bidding N5 million on one of his fans over Davido.

Grammy-winning musician Burna Boy has poked fun at talent management Paulo Okoye after Okoye offered a reward of 5 million Naira to anyone with information on a troll who wanted Davido dead.

Mp3bullet said that Okoye had asked those who knew the troll’s contact information to come forward because he wanted the person to clarify their offensive tweet.

Soon after Okoye made the statement, Burna Boy poked fun at him on Instagram. He sent many laughing emojis along with the snarky remark, “5 million Naira.”

A troll’s death wish for Davido set off the event, which sparked indignation and criticism from industry leaders and fans alike.

In an effort to rectify the situation, Pauloo Okoye offered the money as a perk for anyone who could find the troll and reveal the reasoning behind the disrespectful tweet.

However, Burna Boy’s answer shows that he finds the issue amusing as he makes light of Okoye’s 5 million Naira incentive.

The Grammy-winning artist’s response appears to be a playful jab at Okoye’s gesture. The way Pauloo Okoye will react to Burna Boy‘s ridicule and whether the troll will be found are still up in the air.

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