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Camilo Talks ‘De Adentro Pa’ Afuera’ Deluxe Album: Interview – Billboard

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If there’s one thing that has transformed Camilo’s life—besides fatherhood—it’s touring. 

While on the road last year with his De Adentro Pa’ Afuera Tour, the Colombian singer-songwriter experienced a life-changing show that took place in Spain’s Puerta de Alcalá and ultimately led him to release the deluxe edition of his De Adentro Pa’ Afuera album. 

“When we did the concert in Spain, we were so focused on the event as such that we weren’t thinking about it being a deluxe part of the album,” Camilo tells Billboard. “It was when we later saw the results with the cameras and the drones that we said, ‘This has to be kept forever, immortalized’. Now that I listen to it [the album], I realize that it would have been very strange if it hadn’t been like that.” 



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

The deluxe album includes six singles that were recorded live at the free street concert in Spain in October of 2022: “KESI”; “Por Primera Vez” with his wife, singer and actress Evaluna; “5:24”; “De Adentro Pa Afuera”; “Tutu”; and “Vida De Rico.” The recordings also feature videos of the “surreal” and “magical” encounter that Camilo had with the nearly 100,000 fans in attendance. 

“It was surreal. It was so magical and so cinematic that it couldn’t be something from reality,” he recalls. “It was like impossible, improbable, to achieve a concert like that. Even for a Spanish artist to achieve that is very difficult, so it is privileged, it is immense and impossible to forget.” 

But the main reason the dreamlike concert was stapled into an album is because of the Grammy-winning and Latin Grammy-winning artist’s beloved fanbase “La Tribu” (the tribe). 

“The voices of the tribu changed and impacted me,” he notes. “It was necessary to listen to these songs with their voices there, hearing people scream with me. I can’t believe how loud they are. It’s incredible how they sing the songs and how their voices sound harder than the speakers outside. Love is very loud and very beautiful.”

De Adentro Pa’ Afuera (Sony Music Latin/Hecho A Mano) navigates from urban pop to banda and cumbia villera, and includes powerful collaborations such as Alejandro Sanz, Camila Cabello, Grupo Firme and Nicki Nicole, to name a few. The set debuted at No. 8 on the Billboard Latin Pop Albums chart in September 2022. 

Listen to the deluxe edition below.

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