September 30, 2023

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Producer Camper Teases R&B Compilation Album With Brandy, John Legend, Ari Lennox and More

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Camper has a new project on the way. In an exclusive interview with Rated R&B, the Grammy-winning producer and songwriter revealed details about his upcoming compilation album titled Campilation. 

“I have all the R&B artists I love that’s my family on the album together. [The album is] like what DJ Khaled did with hip-hop, but this is R&B,” Camper told Rated R&B’s Antwane Folk in a recent interview

Campilation will include features from Ari Lennox, Brandy, H.E.R., Jill Scott, John Legend, Ne-Yo, Syd, Tank, Ty Dolla $ign and more. 

Camper also hinted at future installments of the project. “I’m digging deep in R&B. This is volume one. I’m gonna do more volumes because everybody else going to feel like they [were] left out. R&B is mine to take,” he said.

Camper has been teasing his debut project for the last couple of years. While he promised “it’s coming,” he offered insight on why it’s not out yet.

“When I give it, I want to give it right. I want to give it to the best of my ability, and I want the presentation to be at the highest that I know it needs to be,” he shared.

In 2020, Camper, previously known as DJ Camper, dropped two singles “Grip” and “Sleep” featuring Brandy. It’s unclear if Campilation will include the Brandy-assisted track or if they worked on a new tune. 

It is confirmed that Camper’s latest single “Whatever You Say,” released on his 33rd birthday (May 25), will appear on Campilation. “The overall message to show a different type of love if you are willing to receive it,” he explained to Rated R&B in the same interview. 

Listen to Camper’s new single “Whatever You Say” below.

Read Rated R&B’s full interview with Camper.

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