September 24, 2023

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Joeboy Reveals How Much He Made From Featuring On CKay’s ‘Love Nwantiti’ »

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  • I made a lot of money from CKay’s ‘Love Nwantiti’ – Joeboy.

Joeboy Reveals How Much He Made From Featuring On CKay’s ‘Love Nwantiti’

Nigerian musician Joeboy revealed that being featured on CKay’s global blockbuster ‘Love Nwantiti‘ remix earned him a large sum of money that changed his life.

Joeboy revealed this on a podcast episode with Tempoe, the producer of ‘Love Nwantiti,‘ in which he discussed the hit collaboration and the money he made from it.

Joeboy says he jumped on the song because he liked CKay, but he considers himself fortunate to have done the song because he got a lot of money from it.

He claimed that when someone else turned him down, CKay requested him to take part in the song.

He said, “The money Love Nwantiti gave me bruh, bruh that song changed the lives of everybody on it. That is one thing I always thank God for. Thank God, I actually jumped on that song. Anytime I play the song, I just dey happy say thank you my Gee (Ckay).

“CKay reached out to me that he was trying to get somebody on the song, but the person was not responding on time. That was like the end of 2019. To be honest, the only reason I jumped on that song was because I just like CKay. It wasn’t about the song. That time, I just blew up and everybody was trying to drag me for features.”

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Recall, reported in 2023, CKay collaborated with Joeboy and Ghanaian musician Kwame Eugene to remix his popular song “Love Nwantiti.”

According to Spotify, Ckay’sLove Nwantiti” is the second-most popular song of all time in Africa, only after “Calm Down.” The song’s remix, which was released in 2020, featured Joeboy.


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