December 6, 2023

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Cardi B Slams Rumors She Cheated on Offset: ‘Stop Playing’

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Cardi B is not happy about recent infidelity rumors about her, and she took to Twitter Spaces on Monday (June 26) to shut down claims that she cheated on her husband Offset.



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See latest videos, charts and news

“Listen. Don’t pay attention that country man y’all,” she said in the three-minute clip, after singing the opening lines of Keyshia Cole’s “I Should Have Cheated.” “Don’t pay attention the country man. That Spaces the other day got motherf—ers spiraling and thinking s—. Come on now. I’m f—ing Cardi B, n—. I think sometimes mother—ers forget. I’m Cardi B. If I was giving this p—- to anybody it be not just anybody. Can’t f— regular-degular-shmegular, ’cause they gonna tell the world. And I can’t f— anybody in the industry, ’cause they gonna tell too. Y’all ever heard that Rubi Rose record where she says ‘got a big a– mouth?’”

She concluded, “So please boy, stop acting stupid. Stop acting Stupid. Going crazy over a f—ing space. Don’t play with me. What the f—. Stop playing. Thats all I’m gonna mother—ing say.”

Cardi’s response comes after a series of events, beginning with another Twitter Space audio message the “I Like It” rapper shared over the weekend. “Every time you try to bring turmoil to my marriage, I’m just saying, y’all know what’s gonna happen next. We’re gonna get a divorce, and people are gonna be mad nosey, and mad happy,” she said during the clip. “I’m gonna make an album, and people are gonna wanna hear the album because of it. Another rich n—-‘s gonna cuff me. And what? What’ll be the point that y’all are tryna make?”

Just hours before Cardi’s most recent Spaces defending herself, Offset seemed to have posted and quickly deleted an Instagram Story accusing his wife of cheating on him.

Listen to Cardi’s latest response below.

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