September 28, 2023

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Mýa Shares ‘It’s All About Me (25th Anniversary Remix)’ Video

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Mýa is still celebrating the 25th anniversary of her self-titled album. The Grammy winner has unveiled a video for “It’s All About Me (25th Anniversary Remix).”

Mýa teamed up with renowned director Brian Friedman once again to direct the 2023 edition of the track. The video, choreographed by Friedman, features Mýa dancing solo in heels with a mixture of desire and self-assurance.

Friedman has choreographed several Mýa videos and performances in the past, including “My Love is like Wo!” and Mýa’s performance paying tribute to Janet Jackson for MTV ICON in 2001.

Brian Friedman and Mýa. (Courtesy photo)

“It was a complete full circle moment working with the incredibly dynamic Brian Friedman. We share a history of unforgettable moments, and I couldn’t be more thrilled for our 25th anniversary collaboration,” said Mýa. “His exceptional talent, musicality, technique, versatility, and expertise in both visual and live performance bring out the absolute best in artists. It was an absolute joy to connect with greatness once again.”

Friedman was equally excited to collaborate once more with Mýa. “I was thrilled to hear from Mýa after so many years and without hesitation jumped on board for this special project,” Friedman said. “I always love my time with Mýa… as a choreographer the greatest gift you can receive is an artist who is technically trained. Mya’s vocabulary and understanding for movement is so extensive and I had the best time bringing my work to life on her. I hope the fans love this as much as we do!”

Mýa unleashed the 25th anniversary of her eponymous debut album in April. The new edition came with six bonus tracks, as well as different remixes, many of which were streaming for the first time.

Mya deluxe album
Interscope Records

Mýa revealed her hip-hop alter-ego, Mýa Lan$ky, in July 2021 through the release of her song “Worth It.” She discussed the inspiration behind her single in an interview with Rated R&B.

“I think victory in my independent journey and a lot of people coming at me asking, ‘Why this, why that,’ and finally giving answers. How I define my success is ultimately peace of mind and the glow-up, which also takes grind, gutter, fight, faith [and] prayer. So, it’s an inspirational record, but it’s still bossy and flossy, too.”

Mýa also teased two upcoming projects. “I’m in the midst of putting features on one of the albums, but the other is also getting mixed and shortly gets mastered after that.”


She added, “But you know, you got to have your teams aligned: your publicity team, your marketing team, your radio team, and your visual team to deliver what the people want. This is not just about music but delivering another piece of art with it. It will take some time, and right now, I’m focused on getting my film money to invest in it.”

Watch Mýa’s video for “It’s All About Me (25th Anniversary Remix)” below.

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