September 24, 2023

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Fat Joe Defends His Use Of The N-Word: I Fight For Black People!! – Media Take Out

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Fat Joe has responded to critics who say he should not be using the n-word because he is not Black.

“Explaining it to people at this point is like, mind boggling to me, ’cause it’s been like, ‘What’s up Fat Joe? You my n-gga!’ since I’m two years old. You taking it offensive, then what do I look like a slave owner to you? Or I look like the cop who killed George Floyd? I gotta think about you. ‘Cause you obviously know that you just said I’m the most important piece of Hip Hop. You obviously know I’m wit’ Black people all day. I fight for Black people, I fight for Latinos every day of my life,” he said to Talib Kweli.

He continued: “I don’t try to let people make me second guess what I do because that’s not what Hip Hop was founded on. The origin of the word is foul, anyway. I don’t know how we made it cool. If I’m driving right down the block and somebody’s doing something to the Blackest lady in the world. I’m jumping out. I’m dying! So it’s offensive to me when people say, ‘Yo, why do you even say that?’ Like, don’t you know?!”

Does Fat Joe get a pass or nah?

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