September 24, 2023

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Pink Fan Throws Mom’s Ashes to Singer Performing on Stage: WATCH

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Fans are once again going absolutely wild (see: Bebe Rexha getting hit with a flying phone or Beyoncé fans dramatically getting kicked out of the Renaissance Tour), and this time, it was during Pink‘s concert in London.

The singer was performing at London’s Hyde Park for the British Summer Time festival on Sunday, June 25, when a fan decided to throw a rather personal item onstage: their mother’s ashes.

“This is your mom?” the singer asked incredulously after picking up the bag and staring in shock.

She added, “I don’t know how I feel about this!” before gingerly crouching down to place the ashes on the stage and continuing her song “Just Like a Pill.”

Watch the video, below:

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It’s safe to say Pink was rightfully stunned, and so were many fans who reacted to the clip online.

“People have got to stop. Fans are always doing the most,” one person commented on TikTok.

“WHO EVEN DOES THAT? WHY,” another fan said.

One person found humor in the situation, commenting, “Lmfao!!!!!!! 😂😂😂 At least the bag wasn’t open.”

“Omg I would have ended the concert,” someone else declared.

On Twitter, one person said, “This new trend of throwin stuff at celebs while they’re performing is gettin out of hand. Someone threw their mother’s ashes at Pink at a concert last night in a zip-lock bag. How it didn’t pop open upon impact is beyond me.”

“Ever since the pandemic, people have completely lost their minds at concerts and think they can do whatever they want to artists,” someone else noted on Twitter.

“I need y’all to have boundaries!” one fan begged.

Pink played two nights at Hyde Park as part of her ongoing Summer Carnival tour. Her next stop is Berlin, Germany, with the tour continuing into March 2024 before ending in Brisbane, Australia.

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