November 29, 2023

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Reactions as Ivy Ifeoma identifies Paul Okoye as her lover and swears to support him. »

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  • “Na this kind girl fit Nigerians she no send una papa” – Reactions as Ivy Ifeoma vows to stand by Paul Okoye, declares him as her man.

Reactions as Ivy Ifeoma identifies Paul Okoye as her lover and swears to support him.

Ifeoma’s recent TikTok video emphasizes her commitment to their partnership and shows her will to support the well-known singer Paul Okoye.

Fans and followers of Ifeoma and Okoye were drawn to the video, which soon garnered popularity across a number of social media networks.

Meanwhile, She replied by saying: “That’s my man, and I am gonna stick with him,” leaving no doubt about her steadfastness in their partnership.

Social media has been swamped with supportive and admiring comments from the couple’s followers and well-wishers in response to Ifeoma’s outward displays of adoration.

Netizens Reactions…

@d.i.r.a_’s said; “One funny thing about ppl when they do bad in their past relationship is that they try to overdo themselves in the next just to spite the former lover. They will start to do all that they didn’t do with the former in the bid to make the former look like they were the problem.😂😂😂 That’s a narcissist move right there”

@nefertiti___0’s said; “The worse mistake you will ever make is to drag man with Gen Z. These children will deal with you seriously”

@joanodenu’s wrote; “Be like nah people when dey settle for divorcee and elderly men nah there marriage or relationships dey last oo😂😂😂“

@chinonso_’s said; “Gen z’s are built different, they thrive on y’all’s opinions 😂”

@chyomsss’s wrote; Na this girl fit Nigerians 😂😂😂😂 she no send una papa 😂

@roz_p1472’s said; “Ok get married to Him make una rest ! Relationship isn’t marriage”

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