February 21, 2024

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Why Joe Budden Rarely Interviews Rappers – Media Take Out

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Joe Budden hasn’t interviewed many rappers on his podcast, and during his visit to the Rap Radar podcast, he explained why.

“I’ll still interview a rapper or two. I’m just not gonna make it how y’all will make it. There’s not too many of them that I wanna pedestal. I don’t really f-ck with all that, so,” he shared.

Joe says his past reputation is the reason.

He continued, “I was too scared to rely on anything. I didn’t wanna have to rely on guests. I was never that well-liked…but the people that come and f-ck with me, I have a relationship with them or somebody really, really close to me. Other then that, n-ggas be trying to pop up…but listen, I like that there are so many places for rappers to go. Cause I don’t wanna talk to them but I certainly wanna hear from them and hear more about them.”

Budden, a rapper himself, has retired from making music. Should he invite more rappers on the show?

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