December 6, 2023

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Lizzo Cried When She Saw Her Name Onscreen at Beyoncé Concert

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Lizzo Cried When She Saw Her Name Onscreen at Beyoncé Concert

Lizzo had a healing inner child moment when she got to attend her longtime idol Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour — and saw her name on the big screen onstage.

In a video posted to Instagram on Tuesday (June 27), the “Special” singer is seen getting misty-eyed while watching Bey perform her “Break My Soul (The Queens Remix),” in which she shouts out Lizzo by name among 28 other iconic Black women in music. “In that moment I was thinking about baby me, listening to Happy Face by destiny’s child and crying myself to sleep because of bullies… I thought about Beyoncé jumping into the room where Tina Turner was waiting to meet her for the first time,” she captioned the post. “I think of what we all mean to people and how cyclical it is. We are all so infinitesimally and maximally connected and significant. It’s an honor. Thank You @beyonce.”


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Lizzo has credited Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child for inspiring her to become a singer a number of times, telling ELLE UK last year how impactful the girl group was in her life. “Growing up in Houston, the impact that Destiny’s Child had on me making a decision to become an artist was incredible, mostly because I felt like we were so close to it,” she explained. “Everyone had their, ‘I saw Beyoncé when…’ or, ‘I saw Destiny’s Child at this party…’ stories. And that made it seem more accessible. Like, ‘Oh, maybe I can do this too, if I worked hard enough and had the right people around me.’”

Speaking of Beyoncé’s mission with her music, Lizzo added, “she doesn’t just put out music for the sake of putting out music – there’s going to be something real, you know what I mean? A teachable moment. Every time I hear her, it’s like, “Man, I want to make people feel this way. How can I make people feel this way, too?’”

See the sweet full circle moment below.

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