April 12, 2024

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Natanael Cano Talks New Corridos Album, ‘Nata Montana’ – Billboard

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Natanael Cano is living one of the best moments in his career. Earlier this year, he made his acting debut on HBO Max’s series VGLY, he’s been on tour in Mexico selling out multiple shows, and now, he’s dropped his new, corridos-powered album Nata Montana.

“I’ve loved all the moments I’ve been through, but right now, I’m really enjoying everything I do,” the 22-year-old Mexican singer-songwriter tells Billboard. “I’m enjoying every second I spend in the studio, every song that is born from the passion of making music. I especially love this album,” he adds. “It’s a reflection of how well I feel on a personal and professional level. I’ve put so much effort into all these songs.”

Featuring collaborations with fellow Mexican music hitmakers Peso Pluma (“Pancakes”) and Junior H (“Eres”), the 15-track set is a testament to his craftsmanship, intricate requinto solos and his knack for storytelling is as clear as ever in Nata Montana. The pioneer of corridos tumbados, Cano delivers hard-hitting, hip-hop infused tracks about the every-day hustle out on the streets and the challenges that come with fame — all while flaunting a lavish lifestyle.

“Corridos are a lifestyle. I love them because you really have to get into that mindset,” explains Cano, who broke out in 2019 following his unprecedented collaboration with Bad Bunny on “Soy El Diablo” remix. “Corridos are my life, it’s the style that keeps pushing me forward. When I first heard a corrido when I was a kid, it was love at first sight. Even as a kid I really enjoyed them. My cousins and I would listen to them and back then, you were considered ‘different’ for listening to corridos. And that’s what we liked, being different.”

Cano’s corridos tumbados album comes at a time when regional Mexican music has only grown in popularity on a global level. The rise is being led by artists such as Cano, Peso, Eslabon Armado and Junior H, who have evolved the legacy genre, modernizing its lyrics for a Gen Z audience. Regional Mexican music consumption in the United States jumped 42.1% year to date through May 25, according to Luminate. This week, 13 of the 17 Spanish-language tracks on the Billboard Hot 100 (dated July 1) are regional Mexican tracks, including Cano’s “PRC” with Peso.

“It’s really cool to see what’s happening with our music,” the Sonora-born artist says proudly. “People are recognizing good music, and are now understanding that feeling that only corridos can transmit. It also helps that we have great regional Mexican exponents right now. I’m one of them, and I feel part of the growth. If one of us grows, we all grow.”

Can also acknowledges the strength that comes from collaborations, which in return been key to growing the genre in Mexico, the United States and beyond. “These guys are all my compas (friends),” he says. “We really do love each other. We’re very united despite what everyone else thinks or says. They want to separate us, and sometimes we believe what we hear, but we can’t let that get to our head. We’re showing everyone what happens when we unite. Let’s continue to make good music, and money.”

Nata Montana follows Cano’s 2022 NataKong, which peaked at No. 12 on the Top Latin Albums chart. On the Regional Mexican Albums chart, he’s placed a total of four top 10 albums, two of which hit No. 1: Corridos Tumbados (2019) and A Mis 20 (2020).

Stream Cano’s new album below:

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