December 6, 2023

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Slim of 112 Joins Reggie Becton on ‘RM. 143 (RM112 Remix)’

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Reggie Becton has teamed up with Slim of the legendary R&B group 112 and singer/songwriter/producer Ye Ali for his “RM. 143 (RM112 Remix).” It’s an updated version of Becton’s 2021 single “Rm. 143” from his debut album, California

Ye Ali kicks off the bedroom jam with a spoken-word intro before Becton comes in with the original first verse and chorus. Ye Ali returns for verse two, while Slim slides in for the third verse. 

“When you comin’ through? / Legs spread, bed head / You know you miss it too / No, I ain’t tryna hear that you got some other dude / No, I ain’t tryna hear that he got so confused,” Slim sings. 

Becton went to Instagram to share how his collaboration is a full-circle moment. “In highschool [sic] I performed dance with me in a school play and sung all slim parts now I am on track with him!!!! Wow FULL CIRCLE!!!” he wrote in a caption

Reggie Becton. (Photo Credit: @dakmpa)

Becton’s “RM. 143 (RM112 Remix)” follows his Sadboy, Vol. 1 EP, which was released May 5.

“I want people to become more comfortable with their emotions and embrace them,” Becton told Rated R&B about what he hopes listeners take away from the project. “With sadness being such a big theme of this project, I want people to realize that sadness is not just this dark emotion. Sadness is colorful like any emotion, and it’s okay to be sad.”

Sadboy, Vol. 1 is the first installment of a two-part EP series. A release date has not been set for the second project at this time. It’s also not confirmed if “RM. 143 (RM112 Remix)” will appear on a future project. 

As for Slim, he released his single “Gotta Have Faith” featuring Faith Evans and Eric Bellinger in late May. 

Listen to Reggie Becton’s “RM. 143 (RM112 Remix)” featuring Slim of 112 and Ye Ali below.

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