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Ange Postecoglou reveals first tasks at Tottenham »

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New Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou, revealed his first duties at the club and promised to entertain his new fans as he officially begins his new role.

Ange Postecoglou reveals first tasks at Tottenham

Postecoglou was signed from Celtic after a protracted search that started when Antonio Conte departed the team in March. During the Australian’s two-year tenure, Celtic had a lot of success.

Postecoglou’s techniques received high praise in Scotland, and he has promised to apply them at Tottenham in order to excite the crowd.

“I like to win, that’s the main thing, and I’ve done that wherever I’ve been,” he explained. “The football is designed to bring success.

“Alongside that it’s really important to me that there is an element of what I think most fans and players want to be associated with, and that’s football that’s exciting, that people talk about, not just the end result but also the manner in which you played your football.

“That’s really important to me, because I think it’s a way to be successful and also secondly, because it allows people to grab onto those things that are most special about our game, those memorable moments.

“People want to see their team scoring goals, being exciting, not conceding goals, being aggressive in their approach, all these kinds of things that everyone seeks in their own football team. That’s what I want to try to provide. The basis of it will be that we want to be a team that wins things and, ultimately, entertains our fans.

“I’m very excited about the challenge ahead – an enormous football club, exciting league, I guess all the things you strive for in your professional career. It’s great to be here and getting ready to work.”

Explaining his first task at Spurs, Postecoglou insisted his focus will be on building relationships with those around them.

“The most important thing for me in this early part is that people get to know me,” he said. “Staff, players, people associated with the club, they need to get to know me and what I’m about. If they get to know me and believe in me, whatever I need to do after that is easier. That’s the first bit.

“It’s a huge organisation and, for me, to allow that to happen means I have to be present in as many areas as I can be in this early part, and that’s what I will try to do, make sure I’m present in every aspect of the football club, so people at least have some exposure to me.

“Beyond that, it’s working with the players. They are the most important people. Players are the most important people in this football club and every football club. We have six weeks – how can we prepare these guys to make sure come the first weekend of Premier League football that we’re ready to go?”


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