September 24, 2023

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Charleston White Reacts To Lil Uzi Vert Album Feature!! – Media Take Out

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Charleston White apparently has a problem with rapper Lil Uzi Vert and made some very disrespectful remarks about him on in a recent interview.

Uzi lives a non-conventional life and has even implanted a rock into his forehead and has an alter ego named “Leslie Chow” who is very effeminate.

Uzi addressed the backlash in “Suicide Doors,” where he begins with a clip from a Say Cheese video featuring Charleston White.

“My right hand to God, I ain’t never heard an Uzi Vert song that I can say, ‘That’s Uzi Vert,”” White said in the clip. “But I know he’s a sissified-looking n-gga that put fingernail polish on his motherf-ckin’ nails and wear dresses. How you gon’ talk about something, n-gga?”

White says that Uzi actually reached out to use the clip.

“I’m in the industry now, n-gga. Before Uzi Vert released this song… Atlantic Records and Uzi Vert and them people called me and Say Cheese TV on Friday night. They called me so they can get the release and I can sign the authorization and they can pay me for being on Uzi Vert’s new album,” he said. “I said, ‘Whaaat? Me?’ I told T.I. I’m gonna blow past him and because of you guys, because you guys cannot stop typing and watching me and can’t take your eyes off of me, y’all made everybody watch me too.”

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