September 24, 2023

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CeeLo Green and Jack Splash Form The Pink, Share New Song ‘Serious’

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CeeLo Green has joined forces with his longtime collaborator Jack Splash to form a new duo called The Pink. 

The new singer-producer duo has released their new single “Serious,” which comes with a B-side titled “Traffic Jam.” 

“Serious” is a sweaty groove that will quickly fill up a dancefloor. “I came here to set this place on fire / And hear all the sexy people scream my name / Gon’ live it up tonight ’cause everything’s alright / Shake your body, girl don’t show no shame,” Green sings over a funky backdrop. 

On “Traffic Jam,” Green pleads his affection for a love interest and confidently assures he will handle her heart with tenderness. “Ya see ’cause I’m not afraid of you woman / I know I can handle you, woman / That’s why you need to know / I want you, I want you like a mothaf***a / And I love you, I love you like a mothaf***a.”

Fresh Young Minds

Regarding The Pink’s formation, Green exclusively tells Rated R&B, “Myself and longtime collaborator Jack Splash are immersed at the moment in our newest incarnation of ourselves, calling it ‘The Pink.’”

He continues, “Pink is the place — the conversation between us is what’s colorful. The single ‘Serious’ means just that. We are very very serious about having fun… so pretty please let me paint you … pink.”

“Serious” and “Traffic Jam” will appear on The Pink’s upcoming self-titled project, set to arrive later this year.

CeeLo Green
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Green and Splash have teamed up with CEEK Metaverse to support the project, which includes an official video that will premiere July 7 on and on the CEEK VR App. Exclusive behind-the-scenes footage will be shared at a later date, according to CEEK. 

“Only an appointed artist such as myself and Jack Splash possess the foresight to peer into the future, take something from it then turning it into a tangible,” Green said in a previous statement. “Music is a means to move, show and prove teach, retrain thought, broaden the scope of society so we see our reflection not as a delayed reaction but recognizing purpose in real-time, which is to push us all in the pursuit of happiness to the point of actuality! Defying all odds and getting even with the enemies of ingenuity! CEEK VR is the battleship that can help us win this war of words!”

Splash added, “Everything CeeLo and I do is with at least one eye looking to the future. With this album, we’re finally bringing our future soul and funk back down to earth. We thought it would be fun to let it also live in the metaverse…not just for now, but for future generations. Partnering with CEEK and exploring their virtual world is an exciting way for us to do that. True art really has no specific place or time, it is for all people all the time.”

CeeLo Green is Thomas Callaway
Easy Eye Sound

The Pink will mark Green’s first project since his 2020 album, CeeLo Green is…Thomas Callaway. He teamed with Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys to record the project in Nashville, Tennessee. 

In an interview with Rated R&B, Green revealed that the intention was to travel to Nashville for a few writing sessions. However, those sessions led to a full-length album. 

“Basically, the 12 songs we wrote over a month. I recorded them all in two days. I sang six songs back-to-back one day and six another day. The album was done. By the time I heard it, it was mixed, mastered and ready to go. I was like, wow. It’s the easiest, most painless album I have ever done,” Green told Rated R&B

Stream CeeLo Green and Jack Splash’s new songs “Serious” and “Traffic Jam” below.

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