November 29, 2023

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Rick Ross Addresses Viral Pool FLOP Video!! – Media Take Out

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Rick Ross has responded to a viral video of him flopping poolside.

In the video, Rozay is seen jumping on the diving board before his knees buckle out from underneath him, causing him to fall ungracefully into the water.

The rapper hopped on social media to explain.

“Well, I’m gon’ be honest, Am I OK? Of course not. I blew my tire. I gave everyone my word I would do the Double Decker Slapper. I said that on my Story earlier this week. The Double Decker Slapper. What is that? Who knows? I never heard of it. I made it up on the diving board,” he continued.

“I did a double bounce and boy my knee caught a flat…Bow!” he said.

People sided with Ross in the comments: “I just love the fact Ross having fun and living his best life and not caught up in some beef,” somebody wrote.

“No explanation necessary. We saw the video. We know you not Greg Louganis bro. We all ate sh-t when people was watching. Keeps us humble,” another chimed in.

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