June 25, 2024

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Another Memphis Rapper, Casino Jizzle , Sh*t & K*lled – 10th Memphis Artist This Year! – Media Take Out

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Another popular rapper from Memphis, Tennessee was list his life yesterday, Media Take Out confirmed. Rapper Casino Sizzle beta,e the 10th rapper from the small southern city to pass away, after being sh*t multiple times.

One of his fans managed to take video footage from the crime scene:

According to social media reports, the rapper was outside of a friend’s home – when a group of armed men ran down on him. Casino Jizzle reportedly didn’t have time to draw down and defend himself, and fell after being hit with at least a half dozen slugs.

Memphis is becoming one of the most dangerous city’s for hip hop artists. Media Take Out has been chronicling the rise in sh**tings and k**lings of rapper sin the city. Unfortunately Casino Jizzle is the 10th rapper from the city to be taken out in 2023.

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