December 6, 2023

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Peter Rosenberg BLASTS Racist Caller – Media Take Out

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Peter Rosenberg went off on a caller who took issue with his Method Man poster.

During his appearance on the Michael Kay Show, the caller said:

“I see this picture of Method Man in the background…What’s that got to do with sports radio?”

He explained why he was bothered by it.

“It just bothers me,” Greg responded. “You know his arrest record? I’m here for sports information.”

Rosenberg lost it.

“Greg, shut your mouth. Shut your stupid, ignorant mouth. You know nothing about Method Man. He’s a thug? Shut your stupid, racist mouth, Greg. How about that? Shut up. No more for you, Greg.”

He continued: “Anyone who would look at a picture of Method Man and be offended, when you look up what he’s contributed to the world and you wanna call him a thug, you’re a racist piece of garbage.”

Rosenberg then shared a clip of the incident, asking fans whether he went too far or not.

Did he?

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