June 25, 2024

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Yung Joc Claps Back At Woman Who Chose $50 Gift Card Over Him – Media Take Out

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Yung Joc responded to a viral video of a man asking folks to choose between being given a $50 Amazon gift card or spending 30 minutes with Yung Joc.

None of the women hose 30 minutes with Joc.

“Mhmm…not no Yung Joc. I don’t want Yung Joc. That n-gga be wearing the swoops and the corny ass hairstyles. I’m alright,” one of the women responded.

Joc hopped in the comments to clap back:

“Y’all would have no choice ’cause I wouldn’t f-ck with not one of them in the first place. 1. I’m happily married 2. That sh-t [blue cap emoji] 3. He never said have sex with me he just said 30 min with me and y’all would get at least $300 worth of food and shots if I did allow y’all in my immediate vicinity [three tears of joy emojis] 4. I ain’t never had a problem getting no woman lol 5. I would give y’all $100 Amazon gift card to stay the f-ck over there,” he wrote.

Did the women make the right choice?

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