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Beyoncé in D.C., Run-DMC Pop-Up, New Music From DJ Khaled, Future, Trippie Redd & More | Billboard News

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Beyoncé in D.C., Run-DMC Pop-Up, New Music From DJ Khaled, Future, Trippie Redd & More | Billboard News

It’s Friday and there is a ton of new music drops this week! DJ Khaled dropped a new track featuring Future, Lil Baby and Lil Uzi Vert; Trippie Redd teamed up with Roddy Ricch for “Closed Doors”; French Montana’s “Good Summer” is here; and more. Nas reveals five things you didn’t know about him. Billboard staffers have been celebrating hip-hop’s 50th anniversary with a series of events & more.

Tetris Kelly
Today, we’re hanging out with Nas and Lil Wayne. And not only do we tell you all of hip-hop and R&B’s new releases, we take you across the country to Beyoncé and some of the week’s biggest events and highlight one of hip-hop’s go-to music directors and his latest film. We’ve almost made it through another weekend. I’m Tetris Kelly for Billboard News, it’s Friday, August 11th. And today is the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. We’re celebrating with all our music and news today. So let’s start with the first entry in our Friday music guide. DJ Khaled is back with the combination we didn’t know we needed: ‘Supposed to be Loved’ has a Michael Jackson sample, Lil Baby, Future and Lil Uzi Vert. More new music throughout the show. But for now, we hang with Nas.

What’s up, y’all? It’s your man Nas, and here’s five things you don’t know about me.

I like flying. It for real feels like a break. I started liking holidays again. I love celebrating with people and family. I liked Frank Sinatra’s music since I was a kid. ‘My Way’ was incredible. We sung the New York song at my sixth-grade graduation. I was like a big fan of Jim Kelly, karate dude, the black dude with the Afro in the ’70s. I used to see him with Bruce Lee. Every once in a while, once a year, I try to figure out who killed JFK.

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