September 24, 2023

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Fat Joe Weighs In On The Nas/MC Shan Drama – Media Take Out

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New York MC Fat Joe has given his take on the drama between Nas and MC Shan.

MC Shan went off on Nas for not adding him to Mass Appeal’s event for Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary.

The rapper is taking Nas’ side.

“I did my little one-two journalism, aka, getting to the bottom of it, and they say [MC Shan] is kinda impossible to deal with. They tried as much as they can. Sometimes, unfortunately, our pioneers stand in the way of their own bag,” he explained.

“I do not know why. I have spoken to them over and over again. I’m doing just fine, but my pioneers… I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the pioneers. So sometimes when I can talk to them, I sit down and be like, ‘Yo, you can’t get the bag doing this and that,”” added Joey Crack.

Fat Joe also spilled some other tea.

“There was one pioneer who was getting a block named after him. The day before, he said he wanted $50,000 cash in the bag to New York City, to the f-cking mayors and all that! If he don’t get $50,000 cash, he not showing up. Well, guess what? The next day, they showed up with a new sign that said ‘Hip Hop Boulevard’ or ‘Hip Hop Way,’ and he had a block that was gonna be named after him.”

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