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“I refuse to be silent” – Sina Rambo’s ex-wife, Heidi airs personal affairs »

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  • I refuse to be silent – Sina Rambo’s estranged wife Heidi airs dirty laundry.

“I refuse to be silent” – Sina Rambo’s ex-wife, Heidi airs personal affairs

Heidi, Sina Rambo’s ex-wife, has turned to Instagram to go into extensive detail about misdemeanours and is leaving no details out.

She accuses him of adultery in a series of Instagram story posts, saying she learned that her estranged husband was simultaneously having sex with two other women.

Heidi made it evident that she was divorcing him this time and asked that any information that might support her claim be forwarded to her.

Her next post displayed footage from their home CCTV camera, showing Sina kneeling at her feet, seemingly apologising.

Her caption read in part, “Now if it’s to beg and cry, oh my very good at it, but can never take accountability”.

According to her, he exonerated himself by comparing his acts of infidelity to that of his cousin Davido, noting that, unlike his cousin, he does not have many illegitimate children. She also called him a blabbermouth unable to keep his family’s affairs private. Heidi continued to tear into him, alleging that he also cheated on her with their next-door neighbour.

“Same baba having a relationship with the neighbour in the compound he’s begging me to come back to, oh, and it’s not rent o, nobody bought house. Believe Instagram at your own risk”, she said.

She continued without stopping, describing the agony of having a miscarriage alone herself and mentioning that her husband had been playing FIFA at home when she had the awful experience.

Sina’s estranged wife made it abundantly clear that she would not allow him to father their daughter because “he’s a deadbeat and Lulu deserves better.”

This comes after Heidi declared in December 2022 that she was divorcing the musician due to domestic abuse. She submitted recordings, chats, and images to back up her accusations, and she stated that the marriage is finished because she will not tolerate any sort of abuse.

However, after the public spat, it was assumed that all was OK until her mother posted a video of her daughter and Sina enjoying a family outing with their daughter on her Instagram page in April 2023. But it appears that Heidi has had enough and wants to leave.

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