April 12, 2024

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Former Sorb3t Idol Berry-Chan Debuts New Call and Response

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Former Sorb3t idol Berry-chan is back after the group’s disbandment, and this time, she’s going solo with a brand new call and response following viral backlash from earlier this year.

According to several TikTok videos, Berry-chan debuted her new solo call and response during SoCal Idolfest, where she performed over the weekend.

“I’m sure as most of you know, with idol culture, we do also all have calls and responses!” Berry-chan says on stage in one video.

Berry-chan goes on to explain the concept of the call and response, which is when the crowd is instructed to respond to the idol with a chant.

“So, I’m gonna ask, ‘How sweet is everyone’s favorite idol?’ And you guys are gonna say, ‘Very sweet!'” Berry-chan explains.

After the crowd successfully completes the call and response, Berry-chan gushes, “Aw, thank you very much, everyone!” and waves to the audience.

Watch below:

In another TikTok video from SoCal Idolfest, Berry-chan opened up to the audience about the backlash she received following the Sorb3t controversy.

“The last few months have been really difficult. This is my first big public appearance since everything happened. If I’m being honest, I’m incredibly nervous to be up here in front of you all today,” she admitted.

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Berry-chan explained that her dream is “to be a sweet, dainty idol who inspires others with a smile,” and thanked the festival and staff for their “kindness and patience.”

“I appreciate it more than you know,” she shared on stage.

Following the event, Berry-chan posted a statement to her Instagram account thanking fans for their support.

“It was very inspiring being surrounded by other hardworking idols and passionate idol fans. The energy levels were off the charts all day and it truly moved my heart. I was INCREDIBLY nervous (so much so that somehow I ended up singing some parts of my song too low??) but your cheers pushed me through to the end. I really want to keep improving and be an even better idol for the next one!” she wrote.

“I’m also ‘berry’ glad you guys like my new call and response!” Berry-chan added of her new call and response.

Sorb3t was an American idol group modeled after popular Japanese J-pop idols. In May, the group went viral on TikTok for their call and response video, which many viewers accused of cultural appropriation.

In July, the group disbanded but vowed to remain friends as they continue to pursue their solo endeavors.

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