April 12, 2024

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Jim Jones Says He’s Waiting For Pusha T To Respond To His Diss Track – Media Take Out

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Jim Jones and Pusha T traded disses earlier this year after Capo said the rapper was not a top 50 rapper.

In a recent interview, the Dipset rapper praised Pusha and said he’s waiting on the Virginia rapper to respond to his diss track.

“Shout out to Pusha T. Very dope artist everybody knows he’s a monster when it comes to music, I can’t take nothing away from him,” said Jim.

“Who knows what he might come up with, he’s very crafty and sh-t like that. Some people react off top, some people take years to come back. I seen n-ggas had beef and wait years to try and kill a n-gga.”

Jim also weighed in on the diss Pusha dropped.

“For the most part it was dope and it was cute. I put a response out there I think it was pretty crafty,” he added.

Should Pusha T respond or is he right to move on from the beef?

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