April 12, 2024

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Major Steez On Relationship With AKA & Cassper Nyovest – SA Hip Hop Mag

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Major Steez On Relationship With AKA & Cassper Nyovest. In a candid interview with SA Hip Hop Mag via the Episode Podcast, SA hip-hop duo Major Steez shed light on their relationships with fellow rap heavyweights Cassper Nyovest and the late AKA.

Major Steez On Relationship With AKA & Cassper Nyovest

The rising stars have been making waves in the SA rap industry and have worked with both AKA and Cassper Nyovest on various occasions despite the said rappers’ prolonged beef. During the interview, Major Steez provided insights into their relationship with the said fierce rivals without being caught up in the midst of the storm.

The Major Steeze brothers have worked with Cassper Nyovest on Asbonge Remix, but they revealed that they had been hanging out a lot with AKA way before meeting Cassper. “One thing we’ve never said on camera is that we had actually met AKA first before Cassper,” said Steez.

“But had been publicized, I hadn’t posted anything, I didn’t say anything, and we didn’t make any music together as yet. But we had literally spent time with him (AKA) and chilled and got to know Kiernan first. This was when ‘Lies’ came out featuring Costa Titch and Uncle Vinny about two years ago.”

The brothers highlighted that AKA was cheering them on until they made Asbonge Remix featuring Cassper and how he (AKA) got lenient about it. “We spent a lot of time with Kiernan, he was like cheering us on from a distance but like getting closer, closer and closer.

“Then Asbonge happened, I remember when Asbonge happened with Cassper Kiernan was so gracious about it, at first he was like ‘you boys are wrong how are you going to work with Tshibip, I was supposed to be on that song’” Steez said.

Adding to their relationship with AKA, Sandi also added that AKA had his verse ready for Asbonge remix. “We actually went to his crib sometimes and he had the laptop set out already and he wanted to do a remix for Asbonge. He recorded his verse and everything,” Sandi said.

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