December 4, 2023

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Alina Baraz Shares New Song ‘Don’t Buy Me Roses’

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Alt-R&B singer Alina Baraz reaches her breaking point in her new track, “Don’t Buy Me Roses.” 

Co-produced by Los Hendrix and ​lophiile, “Don’t Buy Me Roses” hears Baraz reflecting on a relationship that has now come to an end and there’s nothing to repair the damage that has been done. 

“Lookin’ back I was so naïve / You had me open / Said you were everything to me I didn’t notice / That you weren’t where you said / Who you with late at night, where you lay your head? / Call me crazy instead,” Baraz sings in the first verse. 

The velvet-smooth song includes backing vocals from fellow R&B singer Col3trane.

Alina Baraz. (Photo Credit: Baz)

“Don’t Buy Me Roses” is the follow-up to Baraz’s song “Keep Me In Love,” released in August. Baraz explained, “We pour so much time, love, and energy into ourselves, effortlessly and indefinitely. The idea [for the song] came from wondering if someone could ever do that for you. It’s easy to fall in love but to keep me in love, I long for that.”

Both songs are Baraz’s first taste of new music since her 2021 EPs Moongate and SunbeamIn 2020, she released her debut album, It Was Divine, via Mom + Pop. 

Baraz has since parted ways from the independent label, and is currently self-releasing music. 

Stream Alina Baraz’s new song “Don’t Buy Me Roses” below.

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