June 16, 2024

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Tory Lanez’s Father Says His Son Is STILL In Prison – Media Take Out

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Tory Lanez’s dad hopped online to shut down rumors that his son has been released on bail.

Lanez’s team reapplied for bail this week and hours laters, rumors started to circulate that he had been granted bail and was a free man.

His dad claims it’s fake news.

Watch the clip below.

Also, journalist Megann Cuniff reacted to the rumors.

“I gotta say this was an absolutely hilarious 45 minutes of being bombarded with questions about Lanez getting bail, posting that it’s BS, then listening to a Twitter Spaces in which the people saying he got bail realized in real time it was BS. Epic,” she wrote.

The journalist added, “‘It shouldn’t be that easy to make a fake email. … These things should be verifiable.’ Yes, if only there was this thing called the public court docket that we could check to see if something has actually happened in a case.”

Cuniff also claimed the bail application was “nearly identical” to Lanez’s prior application which was denied.

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