June 16, 2024

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Bad Bunny’s ‘Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana’ Launch Party: Photos – Billboard

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Can an album listening party with 16,000 guests feel cozy? Special? Evidently, yes. Last night, Bad Bunny made that happen as he debuted his new LP, Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana. 

Held at the iconic Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot (a.k.a. El Choli) in San Juan, the event itinerary was a mystery when announced. Would Bad Bunny show up? Or would fans simply hear the album track-by-track without him? Nobody knew. Still, tickets sold out within two hours of going on sale.

But Bad Bunny did show up, and in spectacular fashion. In the center of the arena floor, surrounded by clamoring fans, a souped-up vintage Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow — the same car used in the video for “Where She Goes,” and in his 2023 Billboard Latin Music Awards performance — slowly lowered from the ceiling. Fans screamed. Bad Bunny was in the driver’s seat.

Encircling the car below were a dozen or so dancers, all of them clad in black with faces totally covered by something akin to a balaclava, but with eyes sealed for an alien-like look. Bad Bunny wore the same, with a checkered handkerchief resting atop his head.

The album kicked off in chronological order with “Nadie Sabe.” El Conejo nodded along subtly, matching the pensive tone of the track, in which he reflects on his trajectory. He started making music as a young teen 10 years ago, and today he’s almost 30, with five full-length albums and heaps of EPs and singles. Bad Bunny seems to grapple with his continuously spiking celebrity and the corresponding loneliness it apparently brings.

See the best photos from the event in the gallery below, and read Billboard‘s full review of the listening party here.

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