June 16, 2024

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Sofía Reyes & Beéle & More – Billboard

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New Music Latin is a compilation of the best new Latin songs and albums recommended by Billboard Latin and Billboard Español editors. Check out this week’s picks below.


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See latest videos, charts and news

Ivan Cornejo, “Donde Estás” (Interscope Records)

After introducing himself to fans with his sad sierreño ballad “Está Dañada” in 2021, Ivan Cornejo has since evolved his sound, fusing it with alternative rock. The Mexican-American artist, who recently joined Interscope Records’ roster, delivers his new track “Donde Estas” while remaining very much rooted in acoustic and moody guitars, and placing all bets on deep, mature lyrics about love and heartbreak. Cornejo’s raspy vocal delivery only adds to the already sentimental song, which starts with a dreamy synth before soothing harmonies take over. “I even started therapy sessions, I went out with a few [girls] and none of them are like you, they’re not like you, you have me at your feet,” he sings, palpably hurt. Cornejo is currently on the road with his U.S. Terapia Tour, and is set to release a new album next year. — GRISELDA FLORES

Jasiel Nuñez & DannyLux, “Corazón Frío” (Doble P Records)

Brimming with teary-eyed brilliance, “Corazón Frío” is a poignant ballad by Jasiel Nuñez and DannyLux, resonating through its steely guitar strums and luminescent synth sounds. This emotionally charged breakup song dives into profound heartbreak, using melancholic melodies and introspective lyrics to encapsulate the pain of loss and longing. “I’ve tried everything to make you stay by my side/ And nothing has worked, your heart is colder than ice cream,” the Guadalajara and Palm Springs-raised artists croon in Spanish, as they paint an evocative image of a cold, unresponsive heart. Their laid-back delivery and emotional resonance exemplify the powerful impact of sad sierreños, making “Corazón Frío” a stunning showcase of the duo’s artistic prowess. — ISABELA RAYGOZA

Pink Pablo, “no es culpa mía” (Pink Pablo)

Puerto Rican musician Pink Pablo delivers an electrifying new single in “no es culpa mia,” an infectious track that fuses classic rock elements with DnB. The song, written and produced by the artist and sprinkled with humor and some English, talks about ignoring negative comments and staying true to yourself: “What does it matter to you what I stop doing? They don’t know anything about me, they don’t have anything to do… I was born this way, así fue que yo nací,” goes part of the lyrics. “There are always hostile people that offer backhanded comments and unfounded judgments against us for doing things differently,” Pink Pablo explains in a press release. “As tempting as it is to take things personal and get sidetracked by the noise, situations like this become my muse.” The breakout star, whose most recent releases include “La Vibra” and “Veo Luces,” is currently working on what will be his debut EP. — SIGAL RATNER-ARIAS

Sofia Reyes, Beéle, “Cobarde” (Warner Music Latina)

Instead of unleashing a dulcet pop song in one’s style or an infectious Afrobeat track in the other’s, in their first collaborative effort, Sofia Reyes and Beéle drop a sensual, urban-bachata fusion. In the heartfelt lyrics, the two artists sing about messing up in a relationship, learning from their mistakes and loving each other stronger than before. “I’m going to find you in every life/Like the ocean looks for the sand and salt/You were a coward who knew how to change/Because love is unconditional,” sings Reyes. “Hard to forget like a lunar eclipse/In its natural version it is something spectacular/I failed you so many times, I passed through every street/There I had to get lost to find myself,” responds Beéle. “Cobarde” is part of Reyes upcoming studio album, MILAMORES, expected to drop on Nov. 2. — JESSICA ROIZ

Musiko, Billy (Musiko Music)

Musiko has presented his most recent musical project, which bears his birth name, Billy. “The joy my heart feels is indescribable! After 3 years you will finally be able to hear what is definitely the best musical proposal I have created in my life!!” the Puerto Rican artist wrote on social media. The 11-song set, all collaborations, is a testament to his musical journey, from his life of faith to his collaborative spirit. On Billy, Musiko explores a wide range of musical genres –- from folk on “Si Puedes Creer” with Majo and Dan, to reggaeton dembow on “Malas Promesas” with Jinys, to ska on “Una Locura” with La Feria -– and imprints his characteristic urban style on all of them. He also features songs alongside Gabriel EMC, Omy Alka, CRYS, Kim Richards, Josh Gamez, Averly Morillo, Montesanto, and Funky. As a whole, Billy demonstrates Musiko’s versatility in adapting his voice and sound to different musical genres — and at the same time, it’s an open declaration of his love for God and the mark He has left on his life. — LUISA CALLE

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