April 12, 2024

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Ty Dolla $ign Defends Kanye West Selling VULTURE 2 Album For $20 – Media Take Out

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Ty Dolla $ign is defending Kanye West’s plan to sell VULTURES 2 for $20.

“Bro, don’t let Ye release the album on the website, you’d lose a lot more. and they will piracy the album and this will hinder you in an absurd way,” Ye fan page, @yefanatics, is seen telling the rapper.

But Ty Dolla $ign gave them a quick math lesson.

“That’s what these streaming services want u to to believe so they can stay on top. Music cost us money and time to make but they don’r want us to get paid for it. There selling the audience subscriptions and renting our music out while giving us a fraction of a penny. I hear what you’re saying but we’re already #1 with the first,” he wrote.

He added: “It’s time to figure out the unlock on how to bring the music straight to our audience and cut the middle man out. Artists are getting raped and that has to stop.”

Ye and Ty are celebrating their “Carnival” single, reaching no.1 on Billboard despite being blackballed.

Ye also sold copies of VULTURE 1 on his album after it was pulled from streaming platforms.

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