April 12, 2024

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Wack 100 Accused Of Sending “GOONS” To Rob Blueface's Home By Chrisean Rock – Media Take Out

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Wack 100 has been accused of sending thugs to rob Blueface’s home while Chrisean Rock was staying there.

“You must be the motherf-cka that sent them n-ggas here to rob us. The n-gga talking about it didn’t happen. Who the f-ck would play with some sh-t like that, bro? We got a kid, yo. You fucking weird as f-ck. You shoulda asked if we was good. Do you need to send protection over there? You over there trying to act like, that’s why nobody like y’all,” she says in the clip.

Blueface and Chrisean are back on good terms but Rock and Wack have had problems for a while.

“Since Blue got locked up, everybody got mad about who’s in the house,” she continued. “Y’all don’t like the n-gga’s phone and y’all don’t like my dumb shit. So y’all sending weird people to the house. Okay, I got it. And it’s funny because I don’t usually care when he’s trolling and sh-t but bitch, that’s real life. Like f-cking really out front.”

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