April 12, 2024

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Transgender Woman Attacked In Mosh Pit During Kanye West Rolling Loud Set!! – Media Take Out

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Kanye West and Ty Dolla $ign performed at Rolling Loud but a transgender woman says she was attacked during their set.

“We were all just enjoying the concert and this group of two guy…the crowd kept bumping into each other…and they thought I was doing it on purpose but they were not having it. It felt a little homophobic at some point so I feel like that’s what drove the whole situation but one thing led to another. They gashed my eyebrow with their ring and that’s how it all started,” she told TMZ.

The woman, named Blu Linares, does not accuse Ye or Ty or inciting the violence against her.

“I feel like it was transphobic because of the things that were said to me, accusing me of doing stuff on purpose. They were trying to get me to look like the person that aggress [sic] the whole situation but they were the ones that attacked me first for basically no reason. Just because we were bumping into each other,” she added.

The woman says they are specifically angry at her. She showed off her scrapes and bruises but added that she is not looking to press charges.

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