April 12, 2024

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Uncle Luke Questions Why More People Aren't Speaking Up For Diddy – Media Take Out

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Since Diddy’s lawsuits, very few celebs have stepped up to defend Diddy and Uncle Luke wants to know why.

Diddy has been accused of r*pe, sexual harassment and even murder, but his parties were always a hot event in Hollywood…so why is everybody so silent?

“When you get your billions, and they put you on a pedestal, that’s because they put you up on a pedestal,” he told his followers. “They made you the guy. They place you on every network. They sold you to all y’all on here,” he sayd.

“Your mama say, ‘Never bite the hand that feeds you,’ and so this is how the major corporations work. When you try to come after them. Now you put a lawsuit in. Bam! F-ck that sh-t, I’m suing their ass. I’m taking their company down,” he said adding that “This man cost that liquor company billions of dollars!”

Diddy sued Diageo claiming the liquor giant had not supported marketing agreements involving Ciroc vodka and DeLeón tequila because they are targeted to minorities. They have severed ties.

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